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Corporate Events: New Events Center

The center of Santiago is the best place to hold corporate events, since it has very good connectivity with the different points of the capital. And it is that this sector is the epicenter of the work and the capital commerce, being an essential axis for the Chilean financial and labor development.

Remember that corporate events are of great help for the growth of an institution, as they promote loyalty from the internal public, while capturing the attention of potential customers. This is why every detail in the organization must be carefully selected and never left to chance.

A new Center is born

With a privileged location, the Almacruz Hotel and Convention Center inaugurated a new Convention Center, which will be the largest and most complete in the heart of Santiago. With flexible and versatile spaces, the venue is perfect for corporate events, such as fairs, seminars and meetings, thanks to its rooms equipped with the best and most advanced technology.

The Convention Center of the Hotel Galerías will have 2000 square meters of construction and maximum capacity for 1000 people. The rooms are quite spacious, with an average height of 4.40 meters and 10 rooms, divided with great skill in assemblies.

Conducting corporate events in the Convention Center of the Hotel Galerias, also has the following advantages:

  • Entrance and independent elevators
  • Unique and customized audiovisual experiences
  • Excellent Chilean cuisine
  • Rooms with natural light
  • Parking for bicycles
  • Concerted parking

All in an unbeatable location of the civic center of Santiago, which makes this new space the perfect place to develop high quality events and impact, with the experience in corporate and social events that we already have. The convention center includes an interesting cultural exhibition of pre-Hispanic metallurgy and Andean jewelry, which will undoubtedly fascinate the audience.

New trends

The proposal of Almacruz Hotel and Convention Center corresponds perfectly with the new trends in terms of organization of corporate events, which include the rescue of buildings with historical value. Thus, the patrimonial neighborhoods and buildings located in them add points when adding value to these instances, because they allow the audience to imbue themselves in the capital's culture and identity.

This new Convention Center is located in the historic center, having as neighbors buildings of great heritage and cultural value, which will add interest to the experience of your corporate event.