Where to enjoy Chilean cuisine in Santiago?

Attending a Chilean food restaurant allows diners to know the Creole roots through its table, its ingredients, mixtures and preparations. It is an experience that brings you closer to the national culture and identity and in Santiago you will find excellent venues where you can experience it.

Where to enjoy Chilean cuisine in Santiag or

1. Don Peyo
This traditional ñuñoíno restaurant hides exquisite samples of the authentic Chilean gastronomy. The ambience of the place is completely Creole. It stands out for its delicious silver sauce with mashed potatoes, pork legs, tongue and granados beans, as well as the delicious sopaipillas served as an appetizer. The Encalada 465, Ñuñoa.

2. The Good Boys
Another restaurant that stands out for its Chilean cuisine. It emerged as a "picada" in the decade of the '60s, offering as main dishes the "pichanga", the perniles and the coiled. Gradually, his clientele grew thanks to word of mouth, being frequented by politicians, writers and intellectuals of the time. Today, it is a renowned gastronomic center, which stands out for its rich meats. Ricardo Cumming 1031, Santiago.

3. The Adobes of Argomedo
Chilean dance, culture and cuisine is what this traditional restaurant offers the capital, whose particularity is to become a regular customer to anyone who comes to taste their delicacies. Those who frequent it, define it as "the true Chilean gastronomic experience", its specialty being meats and fish with steamed potatoes. Argomedo 411, Santiago.

4. Boragó
Considered one of the best Chilean restaurants internationally - recognized by the "The World's 50 Best" ranking - it stands out for the rarity and good taste of its ingredients, which are harvested on Chilean soil by small and medium farmers. In his menu there are representative dishes from all over Chile, made with carefully selected products, mixing local traditions with international touches. New Costanera 3467, Vitacura.

5. Vichuquén
In the heart of downtown Santiago is this true jewel of local cuisine, which invites diners to enjoy the most criollo flavors, along with wines from the best valleys. Taste their preparations is a walk through the finest and traditional of our land and sea. The ambience of the place is also worth highlighting, since it allows you to immerse yourself in the Chilean culture and its identity. The main guarantee is that everyone who tastes their delicacies always comes back for more. San Antonio 65, Santiago, Interior of the Almacruz Hotel and Convention Center.

6. The Piojera
Considered as the picada "guachaca" by antonomasia, in the interior of this place breathes the Chilean urban culture, predominating toasts, songs and fraternal atmosphere. It works since 1896 and owes its name to a historical anecdote, in which President Arturo Alessandri Palma referred disparagingly to the restaurant given the precariousness of its facilities. Stands out for its pernil and the popular "earthquake" as local credit. Aillavilú 1030, Santiago.

You already know where you should go to enjoy all the flavor, identity and culture of Chilean cuisine in Santiago.